• On November 3rd, a mass casualty accident will be simulated at Assam Engineering Institute Field, Guwahati, with over a 200 injured victims, and the city’s response agencies will be alerted and police, fire, NDRF and EMS will respond.
  • A triage area will be set up at the site of the “disaster” and all injured will be triaged, applying the skills learnt during the training session.
  • Every single victim triaged will be monitored by local evaluators trained at GEMEx.
  • The colour coded patients (red, yellow, green, black) will be transported by GVK EMRI 108 Ambulance Service to Guwahati Medical College, MMCH, Downtown Hospital, GNRC Hospital, Nemcare Hospital, International Hospital, Army base Hospital, Dispur Hospital, Hayat Hospital, Marwary Maternity Hospital with realistic time delays built into the system.
  • At each hospital, the hospital emergency plan will be set into motion, and doctors, nurses, stretchers, pharmacies, and equipment will be mobilized to accommodate the additional flow.
  • Doctors trained at GEMEx 2012 will run the casualty wards applying their trauma care skills to patient care.
  • The entire drill will be monitored by local evaluators, in addition to the faculty, and will be recorded on video. A final report will be prepared under the supervision of ASDMA leadership to examine areas of strength and improvement.

Following the drill, will be a “Hot Wash” where all participants will self-scrutinize and work on the areas of improvement.