Schedule for GEMEx 2012:

Date Track No. Tracks
29th Oct to 1st Nov '12 1 Emergency Medical Services
2 Hospital Emergency Services
29th Oct to 31st Oct '12 3 Emergency Nursing Care
4 Comprehensive Trauma Life Suppport
5 Advanced Disaster Life Support
29th Oct to 1st Nov '12 6 Community Based Relief and Public Health 
29th Oct '12 7 Coordination of Response for Senior Government Representatives
30th Oct to 31st Oct '12 8 Multisectoral Need Assessment in Emergencies
30th Oct to 1st Nov '12 9 Search and Rescue
31st Oct to 1st Nov '12 10 Incident Repsonse System
29th Oct to 30th Oct '12 11 School and Higher Education Preparedness
30th Oct to 1st Nov '12 12 Chemical and Industrial Disaster Preparedness
2nd Nov '12 Table Top Exercise
3rd Nov '12 Field Drill & Hot wash
4th Nov '12 Lesson Learnt Workshop
Longterm Development Planning