On the day before the field drill, all participants, emergency medical heads especially team leaders from various collaborating local agencies will meet along with all the necessary government officers of ASDMA, Health Ministry, NDRF, Fire Department and Police department to practice simulated scenarios to identify roadblocks in communication and execution, with a focus on the drill scheduled for the following day.


The table top is a unique exercise which has been developed over  years  of   practice  in   various  locations  across  the world    to  practice simulated scenarios to  identify road blocks in  inter agency communication and coordination. It will bring together leaders of Guwahati’s response agencies: Fire, Police, NDRF and EMS, along with heads of hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, non-governmental organizations, and walk through a simulated disaster step by step. As the scenario unfolds, the facilitator will stop, and ask each group to propose in on their response strategy. Such exercises have proven to reveal the strengths and gaps in inter-agency communication and discrepancies and overlaps in response planning among the various stake holders.