Deliverables- Guwahati EMEx 2015


  • This exercise will access the execution of the gaps by the responding agencies on the event of a disaster that were identified in the earlier version of GEMEx in October-November 2012. 

  • This exercise will test the state of preparedness of the responding agencies of Guwahati city to face an emergency. Once the gap is identified, it will help to enhance the level of existing capacity to a desired level.

  • The training and the drill bring together the major responders, testing real-time interagency communication and coordination at all levels of these organizations, especially the Incident Command Structure and its various agencies, and the private sector and citizen groups.

  • The drill pushes the medical response system to handling extreme scenarios, and compels the physicians and medical staff to prioritize care to maximize the savings of life and limbs, under duress.