Deliverables-Nagaon EMEx 2014


DEBRIEFING & HOT WASH (26TH SEPTEMBER 2014): Following the drill a debriefing session called “Hot Wash” will be conducted. In this session, all participants will self-scrutinize & work on their respective areas for improvement.

DELIVERABLES OF NEMEx-2014: This multi-disciplinary training and exercise will foster the development of skill sets focused on emergency management system of the district during any mass casualty events. Besides, it will provide an opportunity for various agencies to work together and practice a multi- disciplinary, coordinated response to a local disaster. The train-the-trainer approach of the different courses and the drill will enable local partners to eventually replicate the training and the drill. Finally, the exercise will help in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the town’s emergency management plans and help in future preparedness. reme scenarios, and compels the physicians and medical staff to prioritize care to maximize the savings of life and limbs, under duress.